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Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry in Elgin, IL

Curious about our Children’s Ministry? We offer the following care and discipling services during each of our main gatherings:

Sunday School:
Children 12 and under
Sunday Service: Nursery for 4 and under after the singing
Sunday Evening: Children 6 and under
Wednesday Evening: Children 12 and under

All our volunteers have undergone a background check and only parents of children are permitted to sign their children in and out of class.

Why young children in worship services?

We love children! They’re a blessing from the Lord, and it’s our privilege as a church to teach and serve them in the gospel early in life. So we provide them with age-appropriate instruction at strategic times.

Part of our training of our children in godliness is letting them see and hear us, as adults and parents, modeling participation in corporate worship during their early formative years, and encouraging them to join us in it. This practice has helped the children among us develop early patterns and expectations of corporate worship with all of God’s people, rather than just those in their own age group. There are few sweeter sounds than children singing God’s praises with adults. For these reasons, we like to include them with us in the shared services of the church early on.

We understand that this might take some getting used to if you’ve not experienced it before; but as you encourage your little ones to engage in the singing and praying, you will find they absorb much more than you would think!

The following article from John and Noël Piper is a helpful explanation of this approach, along with useful tips for shepherding your children into it with wisdom and care.